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Prestigious Jewellers is delighted to offer a comprehensive and lucrative consignment service for individuals looking to sell your watches. This service ensures that the seller receives a higher final payout compared to direct selling, guaranteeing a more profitable return on their timepiece.


This service works by placing your watch in our secured premises where it is fully insured for the entire duration of the consignment period. You can rest assured knowing that your valuable possession is safe and protected in our hands. 


The payment process is conducted smoothly and efficiently once the watch has been officially sold. It is important to note that the watch must be left with us for a minimum period of one month, unless otherwise specified. We provide flexibility in the payment process by offering the seller the choice of their preferred payment method. 


At Prestigious Jewellers, we are committed to providing a service that not only maximizes the return on your watch but also offers peace of mind and convenience. Trust in our expertise and experience to deliver a secure and rewarding consignment service for your timepiece.


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